Lena Zevgara on Same-Sex Couples and the Importance of Family

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Lena Zevgara chose to take a stance on same-sex couples and the impending procreation bill during her interview with journalist Tasos Rizopoulos and Kosmoradio 95.1 on their joint appearance on the show.

"I have a strong affinity for the institution of family, as it resonates with me deeply due to my upbringing in a close-knit family. I have a brother who is involved in music, and you will soon hear about him as well. He will be releasing his own song soon," the popular performer initially emphasized.


"I advocate for the importance of family because I believe that a person finds completeness, leaves their family, and subsequently searches for another place to call home. This is something found in the purest form of love, which is the family one creates.

Personally, I truly aspire to dedicate myself to my future child and husband. I believe that every aspect of life has its appropriate timing."

In conclusion, Lena Zevgara expressed her thoughts on the upcoming legislation for same-sex couples: "My opinion is definitely subjective rather than objective. I believe that each individual's happiness, destination, or sanctuary is purely subjective. Happiness itself is subjective.

Therefore, what makes me happy and fulfilled, and what brings joy to X and Y, is entirely subjective.

I genuinely hope that everyone finds happiness in their choices. I support each person's right to be content with whatever they choose."

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