Impressive images of the "Wolf Moon", the first full moon of 2024

moon kolokotronis

The next full moon known as the 'Snow Moon' is expected to appear in the sky on February 24

The first full moon of the year graced the night sky in Nafplion on the evening of Thursday, January 25.

The moon reached 100% brightness at 7:54 pm Greek time. A full moon always looks bigger, darker and more impressive just after sunset and during moonrise.

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This particular full moon is also known as "The Moon of the Wolf", as during the month of January, the howls of wolves are heard more often, according to the Native Americans.

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Among the reasons wolves howl are to locate other pack members are to strengthen social bonds, mark their territory, and coordinate hunting.

Another appropriate name for this full moon is the Central Moon. Other traditional names for the January Moon emphasise the harsh coldness of the season: Cold Moon (from the Cree tribe), Ice Moon (from the Alonkin tribe), Hard Moon (from the Dakota tribe), and Spirit Moon (from the Ojibwe).

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On February 24, the next full moon is expected to appear in the sky, which is known as the "Snow Moon" because of the heavy snowfalls that often occur in that month.

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