Identifying the Occupants of the Royal Tombs at Vergina: A Study Reveals the Identities of Alexander's Relatives

Scientists have revealed the identities of the occupants of the royal tombs at Vergina, Macedonia, #Greece. The skeletons belong to the father, the brother and the son of Alexander the Great. Some of the artifacts belonged to Alexander the Great.

Scientists have recently revealed the occupants' identities of the unspoiled 4th-century BCE Royal Tombs at Vergina in northern Greece.

The burials contain the remains of Alexander’s father, stepmother, half-siblings, and son, as well as armour and other items belonging to Alexander himself.

Royal Tombs at Vergina

Although there has never been any doubt that the human skeletal remains found in Royal Tombs I, II, and III belong to close relatives of Alexander, scholars have spent almost half a century arguing over the exact individuals buried in each grave.

Scientists from Greece, Spain, and the U.S. examined the skeletal elements using macrophotography, radiographs, and anatomical dissection. The study authors combined osteological analyses, macro photography, X-rays, and anatomical dissections of the ancient remains with historical sources from the ancient past.


The results were recently published in the Journal of Archaeological Science.

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