British universities showing an interest in establishing medical schools in Thessaloniki


State Minister Akis Skertos revealed on Monday that British universities are interested in founding medical school departments in the northern Greek city of Thessaloniki due to the reform to allow non-state universities in Greece.

Addressing a "Macedonia" newspaper conference in Thessaloniki, he said the specific reform, which also envisages parallel support for state universities as "the main pillar of the higher education," was a huge opportunity for the city, which "due to its geographic position can attract major investments".

Ministry calls for digital exams amid university sit-in protests

The Education Ministry is urging universities to conduct exams electronically, as sit-in protests by students opposing the government’s planned education reforms are keeping faculties closed and raising the risk of exam periods being indefinitely postponed.

The ministry is expected to send university administrations a circular reminding them that they are permitted to hold exams and classes remotely in cases of similar impediments.

Some faculties have changed the dates of their examination periods to accommodate protests by students and faculty.

More than half of the country’s faculties are under “occupation” by students opposing plans to allow private universities to operate in Greece.

Currently, every university is state-owned and publicly financed. Greece has private colleges that do not qualify as universities and do not have recognition as Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) or entities authorized by the Greek government to confer degrees.

University rectors agree to conduct semester exams remotely

University rectors on Monday accepted a circular issued by Education, Religions and Sports Minister Kyriakos Pierrakakis and agreed to hold remote online exams for the last semester, ministry sources said.

The classes in schools where there are sit-ins and completion of the courses is still pending will be conducted similarly.

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