Desecration of Gialousa Cemetery by Illegal Turkish Regime in Occupied Cyprus


Below is a photo of the Gialousa/Γιαλούσα cemetery, which has been desecrated by the illegal Turkish regime in the occupied part of the Republic of Cyprus.

Gialousa/Γιαλούσα cemetery

Unfortunately, this is not an isolated incident, as there have been numerous other cemeteries destroyed by the Turks in this island country.

According to the report titled "THE LOSS OF A CIVILIZATION: Destruction of cultural heritage in occupied Cyprus", the Turkish invaders and their associates have shown a disturbing obsession with destroying even the cemeteries in occupied Cyprus.

In an article published in The Guardian on May 6, 1976, British journalist John Fielding revealed that he and his TV crew visited 26 villages in occupied Cyprus where Greek Cypriots used to reside, only to discover that every cemetery had been desecrated.

Furthermore, The Observer reported on March 29, 1987, that vandals had desecrated a significant number of British graves in occupied Cyprus, including those of soldiers who fought in the First World War. According to the article, the crosses in the British cemetery in Famagusta had been smashed, and in Kyrenia, graves were opened and headstones were shattered into pieces.

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