Greece Joins Red Sea Operation, Prioritizes Peace in the Middle East

George Gerapetritis armenia

Athens, Greece - Greece will contribute to international efforts for peace and safeguard its maritime interests in the volatile Middle East, Foreign Minister George Gerapetritis announced to Parliament on Wednesday.

Red Sea Deployment:

  • A Greek frigate will symbolically join the US-British naval operation in the Red Sea, playing a purely supportive and defensive role.
  • This participation aims to ensure safe passage for ships threatened by Houthi attacks, impacting trade and regional economies.
  • Gerapetritis defended the move, stating Greece has a duty to protect its merchant ships and seamen operating in the area.

Peace Efforts:

  • Greece actively supports the "most significant and serious" peace initiative by Arab states, urging hostage release, ceasefire, and an international conference.
  • Acknowledging the lack of immediate de-escalation and challenges with refugees and hostages, Gerapetritis emphasized Greece's ongoing peace efforts as a reliable partner.
  • He highlighted Greece's unique position – "the only country with direct contact with all involved parties" – and vowed to continue pursuing universal peace in the region.

Neutrality and Strategic Partnerships:

  • Greece maintains neutrality in the Israel-Palestine conflict but supports "the right," earning respect for its "word."
  • Gerapetritis underscored the critical role of Egypt, "the only pillar of stability" in the region, and emphasized their strong ties with "very great geostrategic significance."

Greece's proactive stance in the Red Sea and dedication to peace efforts in the Middle East demonstrate its commitment to regional stability and maritime security.


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