New poll: Over 20% lead for New Democracy - Public opinion divided on same-sex marriage

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The latest Pulse poll was presented by SKAI - The second party is PASOK with a difference of one point from SYRIZA - Gains of 1.5 points for Velopoulos - 93% are worried about inflation

New Democracy maintains a large lead of 21.5 points over the second party, according to the results of the Pulse poll presented in the SKAI main news bulletin.

The ruling New Democracy in the voting intention with the distribution of undecideds receives a percentage of 36% compared to 14.5% of PASOK and 13.5% of SYRIZA.

Despite the fact that the government is facing a difficult situation (losing a point), both PASOK and SYRIZA seem not to benefit from the government's attrition. The only winner is Kyriakos Velopoulos of the Greek Solution, who gained 1.5 points from the previous poll.

The Communist Party of Greece (KKE) remains in fourth place with a double-digit percentage (10%), and after the Greek Solution (7.5%), they follow NIKI (3.5%), Spartans (3%), and Course of Freedom (3%).

The remarkable thing about the poll is that public opinion appears to be completely divided on same-sex marriage, with 46% in favour of the right to civil marriage and 47% in opposition. 51% of voters in the central area view the bill positively, while 43% view it negatively.

40% of respondents consider inflation to be the most critical problem, and 53% consider it one of the most important.

Finally, regarding the F-35 and the granting of an equipment package from the USA to Greece, 62% consider it a positive development and 29% negative. It is worth noting that 2 out of 3 SYRIZA voters consider the purchase of 5th generation fighters a negative development.

See the research presented in the SKAI main news bulletin:

1 10

2 6

3 3

4 1

5 6

6 4

7 2

8 1

9 1

11 1

12 1



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