Olympics: Proposal to Permanently Host the Games in Greece


A bombshell proposal has been made to the International Olympic Committee (IOC): to permanently host the Olympic Games in Greece!

According to the newspaper "Ta Nea," the proposal has been submitted and is being discussed in an effort to boost interest in the world's biggest sporting event.


However, to avoid being a financial burden on Greece, the proposal is to have Greece as the permanent host, but with a co-organizing country that would change every four years.

It is worth noting that the modern Olympic Games have been held in Greece twice, in 1896 and 2004.

Olympico Vision: Olympic Games Forever in the Country That Gave Birth to Them

This is not a "crazy" vision or a utopian idea - the theoretical foundations for the permanent hosting of the Olympic Games by Greece were laid by the late Konstantinos Karamanlis, when in 1976 he sent a letter to the International Olympic Committee stating:

"[...] I believe that no other country could claim the permanent hosting of the Games in its region, except for the country that gave birth to the Olympic Idea and had the ability to maintain the heavy privilege of holding them for a whole thousand years. [...] Greece, Mr. President, offers to facilitate the solution of these problems, by providing the appropriate space, and especially in Ancient Olympia, for the permanent holding of the Games. This space can take on the character of neutral territory with an international agreement that will guarantee the rights to the facilities, establish the inviolability of the area and recognize the decisive role of the Olympic Committee in its sporting competence."

This idea did not seem strange at all to the former IMF director, Christine Lagarde, who recently, in 2016, stated that "we could permanently install the Olympic Games in their home, in Athens, strengthening its economy and tourism"...

This vision was transformed into an initiative and a life goal for a Greek expatriate who returned to her homeland, Theotoki-Titi Dolaptsi, who, believing firmly in the justice of this request, has set up an organization for this purpose about two years ago.

Olympico Vision

Olympico Vision is a special purpose cultural organization, as its founder describes it, which has the mission of creating a global movement of supporters, undertaking actions, programs and initiatives, with reliable civil society actors internationally, in order to achieve the vision, which is none other than to "convince the stakeholders that the return of the Olympic Games permanently to their birthplace is a one-way street, with many benefits for our country, but also for the whole world", as she says.

By forming alliances with expatriates, politicians, people who are distinguished in culture, sports and other fields, the first goal of Olympico Vision is to collect signatures from people who support the request, which will then become a strong bargaining chip with the government, other organizations and finally the International Olympic Committee itself.

So far, more than 4,000 people have signed to bring the Olympic Games back to the country that gave birth to them.

Theotoki-Titi Dolaptsi

Theotoki-Titi Dolaptsi was born in Doxato, Drama, and in high school she left for Germany, where she finished school. She holds a degree in Psychology and has worked in administrative positions in the healthcare field. She is actively involved in public affairs, having a brief stint in politics on her resume, and has founded a charity association for health prevention.


Olympico Vision us headquartered in the center of Athens.

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