Mixed Support for Bill Legalizing Gay Marriage and Adoption Rights in Greece

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Greek MP's show support for bill legalizing gay marriage and adoption rights

The bill legalizing gay marriage and adoption rights in Greece is garnering widespread support among parliamentarians during a committee-level debate. New Democracy MP Maria Syrengela commended the bill as a progressive step by Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis' government. If passed, Greece will become the 37th country to recognize same-sex marriages in national law.

A significant majority of New Democracy's MPs, approximately 100 out of 158, are expected to vote in favor of the bill. The remaining 58 MPs will either oppose it or choose to abstain from voting. Mitsotakis encouraged MPs to abstain, but former premier Antonis Samaras condemned this approach.

While leftist SYRIZA MPs embrace the bill and their party's support for it, they raised concerns about the provision that bans surrogacy for male couples but allows it for heterosexual couples. They argue that this contradicts Article 4 of the Constitution, which guarantees equal treatment before the law and could lead to future legal disputes.

Socialist PASOK MPs, while supporting the bill, criticized the government for fostering societal division over the issue. They emphasized that civil marriage equality does not threaten Greek families and young people, contrary to the government's claims. PASOK rapporteur Pavlos Christidis expressed concern about the government's policies, which he believes pose a greater threat to the Greek family and youth.

On the other hand, Communist KKE MPs opposed the bill, viewing it as the commercialization of child-bearing and adoption. They argue that it undermines children's rights to develop relationships with both a mother and a father. The far-right Greek Solution party condemned the bill, citing a deviation from longstanding norms and values.

New Left MPs, a faction that splintered from SYRIZA, hailed the bill as a triumphant moment for LGBTQ+ rights and criticized KKE for their opposition. The nationalist, pro-Russia party Niki also rejected the draft bill and urged MPs who are against it to openly vote against it based on their conscience.

Public opinion on same-sex marriage and the legal recognition of children from LGBTQ+ unions remains divided, with recent nationwide polls revealing a more negative sentiment towards the latter.


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