CRÈTE la cuisine authentique: Dina Nicolaou's new cookbook in the heart of Paris

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The popular chef Dina Nikolaou presented her new cookbook, CRÈTE la cuisine authentique

The Greek Embassy in Paris and partners and friends of gastronomy celebrated on Monday, January 29, the official presentation of the new cookbook of the popular chef Dina Nikolaou, entitled "CRÈTE: la cuisine authentique", which was published in France by HACHETTE CUISINE publications.

CRÈTE la cuisine authentique

The book was authored and photographed entirely in Crete in April 2023.

Dina Nikolaou, with photographer Delphine Constantini and Food Styling manager Mélanie Martin, met friends all over Crete, tasted local products, listened to Cretan lyra and enjoyed large Cretan tables with plenty of hospitality, love and excellent raki.

All this has been masterfully conveyed in this wonderful book.

We are not just talking about a regular cookbook but about a culinary reportage in a place that knows how to enjoy the joys of life, but a book that embraced the French public from the first day of its release on the French market.

Dimitris Zevelakis (ambassador) – Sébastien Ripari – Dina Nikolaou – Marie Mamgioglou – Guillaume Gomez – Maria Nikolaou
Dimitris Zevelakis (ambassador) – Sébastien Ripari – Dina Nikolaou – Marie Mamgioglou – Guillaume Gomez – Maria Nikolaou

At the presentation of the book, the ambassador of Greece to France, Mr. Dimitris Zevelakis, spoke and pointed out that "the two countries - Greece and France - have a lot in common and both countries highly value gastronomy. Greece has a lot to show, especially Crete, through its history, its gastronomy, its culture, and the warm welcome of the people."

The floor was taken by Guillaume Gomez (ambassador of French gastronomy at the domestic and international level as well as President Macron's personal representative in terms of meetings in general about gastronomy), who warmly thanked Dina Nikolaou for her book - a hymn to the gastronomy of Crete, who considers it a means of connection and communication between the two peoples.

The famous gastronomy critic Gilles Pudlowski and the gastronomy consultant Sébastien Ripari spoke enthusiastically about Crete, which they met with a guide, Dina Nikolaou, on a gastronomy trip.

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Maria Nikolaou – Dina Nikolaou – Audrey Tcherkoff
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Gilles Pudlowski – Stéphane Layani
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Delphine Constantini – Dina Nikolaou – Mélanie Martin

Finally, the author, visibly moved, thanked the authors of the book and her friends in Crete, who enthusiastically and lovingly helped create this book.

She also referred to the family business of Greek catering EVI EVANE, which for more than 20 years has been a landmark for the image of Greek cuisine in Paris, and emphasised the inexhaustible inspiration for her cooking at EVI EVANE, the Cretan cuisine.

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The guests enjoyed Greek flavours with signature EVI EVANE and excellent Cretan tsikoudia 35N.

The book is available in all bookstores in France and will soon be available for the Greek public at Eleftherios Venizelos Airport.

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