How much does it cost on average to stay in Athens and Europe's most popular cities in February?


The most economically attractive month to stay in Athens compared to all months until March 2023

Hotel prices, recorded by Trivago, in the most popular cities for travel in Europe show an increase in February compared to the previous month.

Exceptions are the prices in Athens, Istanbul, Paris, Vienna, and Warsaw, which show a downward trend compared to January's prices.

Travel presents in detail the online average hotel prices for the month of February in popular tourist cities worldwide as published by the international platform.

As far as Athens is concerned, February is the most attractively affordable month for hotel accommodation compared to all months up to March 2023. Specifically, the average online price per night in a double room in Athens hotels for February is €115.

The Athens Gate Hotel
The Athens Gate Hotel

In January, the average price was €117, while last year, in December it was €121; in November, at €129; in October, at €164; in September, at €193; in August at €170, in July at €176, in June at €180, in May at €173, in April at €144, in March at €119 and in February at €106.

According to Trivago data in other European cities, the online prices are as follows:

In Amsterdam, the average price is €190 in February vs €170  last January, in Barcelona €165 vs €188, in Berlin €147 vs €134, in Brussels €173 vs €163, in Dublin €184 vs €174, in Istanbul €98 vs €109, Lisbon €145 vs €143 London €224 vs €217, Madrid €169 vs € 168, Paris €220 vs €222, Reykjavik €270 vs €230, Rome €166 vs €164, in Vienna €143 vs €146 and in Zurich €267 vs €261.


Accordingly, the online prices at the hotels of popular tourist cities outside Europe in February are as follows:

In Bangkok, the average price is €69 vs €68 in January; in Beijing, €132 at the same levels as last month, in Buenos Aires €109 vs €134, in Cairo €104 vs €105, in Cape Town €141 vs €139, in Chicago €169 vs €164, in Delhi €57 vs €58, in Dubai €236 vs €235, in Hong Kong €153 vs €142, in Istanbul €98 vs €109, in Johannesburg €72 at the same levels with the previous month, in Las Vegas €229 vs €209, in Marrakech €135 against €130, in Melbourne €177 against €172, in Miami €289 against €264, in New York €251 against €256, in Rio de Janeiro €117 vs €127, San Francisco €203 vs €207, Seoul €102 vs €106, Shanghai € 107 vs €110, Singapore €196 vs €200, Sydney €225 vs €182, Sao Paolo €84 vs €83, Tokyo €150 vs €138, Toronto €207 vs €205 and Vancouver €207 vs €195.

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