The former 'Hilton' in Athens is being transformed - How the work is progressing


TEMES and Olayan groups have undertaken a major investment to convert the former "Hilton" into an integrated 5* hospitality destination with residences and shops

Work is progressing on the internal arrangements of levels from the second basement up to the 13th floor of the former "Hilton" of Athens after the official approvals given by the competent departments of the Ministry of Culture and published in Diaygeia.

After the positive opinion of the Central Council of Newer Monuments, the approval decisions were necessary due to the complex's proximity to the environment of the National Gallery, a State property designated as a newer monument.

Now, the works that proceed from the duo of TEMES SA groups and Olayan, who, as is known, have undertaken the large investment for the conversion of the former "Hilton" into a complete 5* hospitality destination with residences and shops, concern, first of all, the internal arrangements of the floors, the addition of space extension to the level of the first basement, the height addition to the existing ground floor space at the level of the swimming pool, the very important modifications of facades (Vasilissis Sofias and Ventiri avenues), etc.

During the works, all the necessary measures should be taken to protect the composition of Moralis on the face of the building.

Stefania Souki is a columnist for New Money

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