US Ambassador Confirms Approval of F-16 Sale to Turkey

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The US ambassador to Turkey, Jeff Flake, referred to the completion of the process in Congress to approve the sale of F-16 aircraft to Turkey in his post on the X platform.

The 15-day deadline for objections to the government's formal request to sell Turkey 40 new fighters and upgrade kits and equipment for 79 aircraft in Turkey's existing F-16 fleet has passed without any issues. In his message, the US diplomat noted to X, "The decision of Congress this week to approve the acquisition of 40 new and 79 upgraded F-16 aircraft from Turkey is a significant step forward. Turkey's F-16 fleet is essential to NATO's strength, ensuring future interoperability between allies."

The Turkish media has broadcasted the American ambassador's message as an official confirmation of the completion of the approval process for the sale of F-16s to Turkey.


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