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Jason and The Argonauts

Jason and The Argonauts quest for the Golden Fleece is one of the most renowned stories in Greek Mythology.

The son of Aeson and rightful heir to the kingdom of Iolcos, Jason would have to retrieve the Golden Fleece in order to reclaim his homeland, with the famous witch Medea, the great hero Hercules and the renowned poet Orpheus all joining him on the adventure.

Timestamps 📽

Intro: 0:00
The Golden Ram 0:12
Love & Betrayal 4:02
The Return of Jason 6:53
The Argonauts 8:29
The Women of Lemnos 10:35
The Journey East 12:27
The Harpies 15:20
The Golden Fleece 16:45
Escape From Colchis 21:04
Circe 22:31
The Goddesses of Libya 24:44
Talos 26:15
The Fate of King Pelias 27:31
Medea 29:15
Epilogue 31:58


The Argonautica, by Apollonius of Rhodes, translated by Richard Hunter

Classical Mythology, by Mark Morford, Robert Lenardon and Michael Sham

Greek Mythology, by Katerina Servi

Mythology: Timeless Tales of Gods and Heroes, by Edith Hamilton

Apollodorus - The Library of Greek Mythology, translated by Robin Hard

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