Lower prices in Greek supermarkets expected in early March


Price reductions in supermarket items will be visible to consumers as of early March due to the implementation of the measures of the Development Ministry, while as market executives commented to AMNA, the goal of reducing food inflation will inevitably be achieved.

A few days before implementing the measures against high supermarket prices, which started on March 1, the Ministry of Development proceeded with a new intervention to contain price increases.

According to the Hellenic Statistical Authority (ELSTAT), the "rally" in food prices continued in January, although a slight deceleration in the inflation rate was recorded. Meanwhile, one of the factors that fueled the cycle of high prices, i.e. energy, presents a better picture.

The Ministry of Development has also taken measures to deal with food waste, such as offering them at particularly low prices to interested consumers.

The list of products that are subject to review for price increases and for which - according to the current legislation - businesses cannot carry out promotional actions for the next three months has also also expanded, as well as the list of fresh products for which "net prices" are applied with the addition of the "fresh goat" and "fresh lamb" categories.

According to the market estimates, the measures of the Ministry of Development will win the inflation bet as they concern a wide range of items.

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