US to Restrict Use of Sold Weapons by Turkey and Greece, Leaked Document Reveals


The US Department of State has revealed plans to impose stricter conditions on the use of fighter jets sold to Greece and Turkey, according to a leaked document obtained by Greek newspaper Kathimerini. The move comes in response to concerns raised by other NATO allies about the "unlawful" use of US military equipment.

The document outlines potential consequences for countries that misuse the weapons provided under US aid, including the suspension or cancellation of deliveries. It emphasizes the US commitment to ensuring the legitimate use of the equipment and comes amid tensions within NATO, particularly between Turkey and Greece.

The US Congress had previously lifted concerns about the sale of fighter jets to both countries. However, the leaked document indicates that the US will take action in the event of repeated border violations or other disruptive activities against fellow NATO members.

Initially, diplomatic solutions will be sought, but economic and political measures, including the suspension of defense equipment deliveries, could be implemented if the issue remains unresolved.


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