New Canadian Sanctions Extended to Cyprus, Target Russian and Cypriot Entities

Canadian, US, and UK Effort Aims to Punish Russia for Invasion of Ukraine

In a coordinated effort with the United States and Britain, Canada has expanded its sanctions against Russia, extending its punitive measures to include senior officials of private and state-owned companies registered in both Russia and Cyprus. The move comes as part of a joint attempt to punish Russia for its invasion of Ukraine, which began on February 24, 2022.

The new Canadian sanctions, announced on Friday, target individuals and entities that are believed to provide financial, logistical support, and sanctions avoidance in support of the ongoing war in Ukraine, the Canadian foreign ministry stated in a press release. By expanding the scope of these sanctions to include companies registered in Cyprus, Canada aims to further tighten the pressure on those who enable Russia's actions in the region.

Simultaneously, the United States has also imposed trade restrictions on 93 entities from multiple countries, including Russia, China, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Kyrgyzstan, India, and South Korea. The affected companies will now be added to the US Commerce Department's "entity list," effectively preventing any further shipments from the United States to these entities. Notably, some of the companies identified were involved in diverting controlled microelectronics to Russia's military and intelligence authorities, according to the US Commerce Department.

The latest round of sanctions and export controls enforced by the United States, its partners, and allies are in response to Russia's ongoing war in Ukraine and its subsequent actions. These measures also serve as a means to hold Russia accountable for the death of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny. The US government has pledged to impose additional sanctions on more than 500 targets connected to the war.

Furthermore, the European Union recently approved its 13th package of Ukraine-related sanctions against Russia. This latest round targets approximately 200 entities and individuals accused of aiding Moscow in the procurement of weapons or involvement in child abductions from Ukraine. The EU's measures underscore the broad international effort to condemn and curb Russia's actions in the region.

The impact of these sanctions is evident, particularly for entities such as Crynofist Aviation, based in the United Arab Emirates. Crynofist Aviation, which supplies airplane parts, now finds itself on the US entity list. Russia's passenger airline fleet has faced severe sanctions over the past two years, resulting in extensive challenges in maintaining and repairing their aircraft. Crynofist Aviation remains silent in response to the inclusion on the list thus far.

The recent global sanctions further showcase the concerted efforts to hold Russia accountable and deter its aggression towards Ukraine. As the international community galvanizes against Russia, it sends a clear message that actions leading to the invasion and continued conflict will not go unanswered.

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