Proposed Changes in Building Regulations: Impact on Zoning Areas and Environmental Concerns

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More options for building outside of zoning areas are being proposed by the Environment Ministry, despite opposition from the scientific community.

The final draft of the new regulations will be released for public consultation soon, with minimal changes. One significant change is the requirement of having two homes within 2 kilometers of the plot being built on. Additionally, the law will allow building on parcels of less than 0.4 hectares. However, the ministry is temporarily halting construction outside of zoning areas in Mykonos, with the exception of approved tourist investments. The legislation also includes amendments to various planning laws and addresses urban planning, environmental, energy, and administrative issues. The primary objectives of the legislation are to alter the process for demolishing unauthorized buildings, regulate construction outside of zoning areas, establish a new forest management system, and govern the operations of water management companies. Under the new law, plots created between 1985 and 2003 can be built upon if they have a 25-meter frontage on a road visible in aerial photographs from 1977 and recognized by the state. The minimum requirement of at least two dwellings within 2 kilometers of the plot is intended to prevent isolated construction. Building on plots formed prior to 1985 is also permitted under certain conditions.

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