Mitsotakis to Pashinyan: Greece will help protect the cultural heritage of Armenia - Armenians in Greece are the most fruitful link of cooperation

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Only the progress of the people repels the plans of authoritarian leaders, the Greek prime minister stressed - I thank Greece for its support, the Armenian prime minister said

The message that Greece is always on the side of international law was sent by Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis in his statements after the meeting he had with his Armenian counterpart Nikol Pashinyan at Megaros Maximos on Tuesday afternoon. The Greek prime minister referred to the opportunities for cooperation between the two countries, adding that " all the conditions exist to reach a bilateral employment agreement for Armenians in Greece".

For his part, the Armenian Prime Minister thanked Greece for its help and support in his country's efforts for democratic reforms, expressing the hope that trade relations will soon reflect the excellent level of political relations between the two countries.

See the statements of the two prime ministers:

Mitsotakis' statements:

The Prime Minister initially spoke about Greece's historical relations with Armenia, pointing out that Mr Pashinyan also discussed how the commercial ties between the two countries could be strengthened.

"We are always on the side of international law. We stand firmly against any use of force; we remain absolutely committed to respecting the territorial sovereignty of each state. The decisions you are called upon to make now will largely shape the course of Armenia for the coming years," said the Greek prime minister.

As he pointed out, "The 100,000 refugees of Karabakh must be relieved, and Greece will be next to every attempt at a diplomatic solution with Azerbaijan. Only a sustainable agreement can open the future for the Caucasus."

"Only the progress of the people repels the plans of authoritarian leaders," added Mr Mitsotakis in this context.

At the same time, the Prime Minister explained that "Greece is ready to contribute with know-how and technology to the reconstruction of this new liberal democracy and to help protect the cultural heritage of Armenia.

"Finally, all the prerequisites exist to reach a bilateral employment agreement for Armenians in Greece. The country has a lively available potential in several employment sectors," Mitsotakis concluded, stressing that "Armenians in Greece are perhaps the most fruitful link of cooperation and solidarity that connects Greece and Armenia".

Pashinyan's statements:

For his part, the Prime Minister of Armenia spoke of "an important visit for us" and an opportunity "to discuss the bilateral cooperation framework and the prospects of deepening my country's relationship with the EU."

"We have an important history of cooperation. The two countries attach great importance to democratic reforms, which is a good example," continued Mr. Pashinyan.

"I thank Greece for its support and the development of cooperation with the European Union. You know that in terms of reforms in Armenia, the EU is the important factor that helps us, and the first results have already been seen," added the Armenian Prime Minister.

Mr Pashinyan also referred to the issues of the displaced Armenians and their needs from Nagorno-Karabakh, saying, "I informed the Greek Prime Minister about the long-term plans we have. It is important that we do everything in order for these people to stay in Armenia. I informed Mr Mitsotakis about the peace efforts with Azerbaijan and the meeting that will take place at the level of the two countries' foreign ministries. I hope that we will make progress in this".

"As in Greece, so in Armenia, we have significant economic progress, and we will have the opportunity to deepen economic cooperation. Bilateral trade does not reflect the level of political relations," the Prime Minister of Armenia said, thanking his Greek counterpart for the hospitality.

Earlier, Mr Pashinyan met with the President of the Republic, Katerina Sakellaropoulou, who emphasised that Greece is closely following the developments in the Caucasus and disapproves of the use of force.

For his part, the Armenian Prime Minister referred to the historical relationship between Greece and Armenia, which, as he said, also exists in democratic reforms.

"Greece is an ally and partner in the European Union and actively contributes to the course of democratic reforms that characterise us," added Mr Pashinyan.

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