Chocolate with chickpeas and sesame seeds - Healthy but delicious

Chocolate with chickpeas and sesame seeds

The sweet sin that will make us love chickpeas even if we are not fanatical fans of them.

The most time-consuming process is that of soaking (from the previous day) and boiling the chickpeas (and this can be done from the night before), as well as the time they stay in the refrigerator, once we make our chocolate balls, in order for them to firm up and to give us the texture and body we need.

Ingredients for 20 truffles:

200 g. boiled chickpeas (peeled)
40 g. agave syrup or 5 tsp. soup spoon honey (alternative)
2 tsp. of unsweetened cocoa soup
7 dried dates
30 g. walnuts sesame seeds
(for the coating)


In a blender, beat the chickpeas, agave syrup (or honey), dates and walnuts until smooth. Add the cocoa and beat again for another 2-3'.

Form small balls and dip them in a deep bowl with sesame seeds (alternatively with cocoa), until their entire surface is covered.

Leave the truffles in the fridge for at least 2-3 hours until the mixture sets.

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