Greek Community Included in Redefined "Cockney" Identity

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A heritage group in London is pushing for a broader definition of "Cockney," one that moves beyond traditional stereotypes and embraces the diverse communities that contribute to the cultural fabric of the East End.

In their petition last year, which successfully secured recognition of Cockney as a "community language," the group emphasised the diverse composition of the East End: "Black, Bangladeshi, Jewish, Greek and Irish communities also identify with a Cockney identity."

Traditionally, the term "Cockney" referred solely to individuals born within the sound of the Bow Bells in East London. However, Cockney Cultures, an organisation dedicated to preserving local heritage, is advocating for a more inclusive definition.

Their vision encompasses the "old-school Cockney" while also acknowledging the "diaspora" and a "new-school" identity shaped by exposure to various cultures and languages.

This redefinition of "Cockney" acknowledges the evolving character of London's East End and celebrates the contributions of various communities, including the Greek community, to its unique cultural identity.

(Source: Daily Mail UK)


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