Greek Police Crackdown on Far-Left Militants After Series of Attacks

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Greek anti-terrorism police conducted raids and arrests on Tuesday, targeting individuals allegedly involved in a recent surge of far-left militant attacks. This crackdown follows a series of incidents, including a parcel bomb mailed to a senior judge in Thessaloniki.

Renewed Violence Ignites Action:

The operation comes amidst a resurgence of far-left militant activity in recent months. Notably, an explosion outside the Athenian labour ministry caused no injuries, prompting concerns about escalating violence.

Raids Yield Evidence and Suspects:

According to authorities, police seized firearms and explosives during the raids, apprehending six individuals in the capital. Additionally, four individuals already serving prison sentences are suspected of involvement. All ten face charges ranging from membership in a terrorist organization to attempted murder and explosive and weapons violations.

History of Far-Left Violence:

Greece has a long history of far-left militant violence, encompassing bombings, assassinations, and small-scale arson attacks. While leading groups have been dismantled or deactivated, new entities, primarily espousing anarchist ideologies, have claimed responsibility for recent minor bombings.

Targeted Attacks and Suspect Groups:

The parcel bomb sent to the Thessaloniki judge was disarmed after the recipient, finding it suspicious, contacted courthouse security, leading to the building's evacuation. An unidentified anarchist group claiming responsibility, "Armed Response," threatened further attacks against the judiciary in support of imprisoned militants.

The police statement further alleges the suspects' involvement in four other low-level attacks since June 2023, utilizing small bombs or hand grenades in Athens and the central Greek city of Larissa. These attacks targeted a bank, a construction firm, a prison service employee's car, and a residence in Larissa. Claiming responsibility for these incidents was another far-left group, "Coordination for Revenge."

This recent operation signifies Greek authorities' attempt to curb the resurgence of far-left militant activity following a series of attacks. It remains to be seen if this crackdown will effectively address this ongoing issue.

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