Surge in syphilis and gonorrhea cases in Greece (2020-2022)


There was a significant rise in syphilis and gonorrhea cases in Greece in 2020-2022, according to National Public Ηealth Οrganisation (EODY) data, following similar trends at global and European level.

As EODY data shows, during the period 2020-2022, there was an increase of 113.36% in cases of primary-stage syphilis and 120.73% in cases of gonorrhea.

In particular, in the year 2022, Greece recorded 8.26 new syphilis diagnoses per 100,000 population and 3.45 new gonorrhea diagnoses per 100,000 population.

Regarding syphilis, 93.04% of the cases were males, mainly aged between 25-64 years old, and 72.16% of transmission involved sexual contact between men.

For gonorrhea, 95.86% of the cases were also males, mainly aged between 25-44 years old, while transmission appears to have been fairly evenly distributed between sexual contact of males with males (47.24%) and of males with females (46.41%).

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