Artichokes with peas and fresh fennel

Artichokes with peas and fresh fennel

A very tasty ladero with fresh spring vegetables, which is very suitable for the every day and Lenten table.


Ten large artichokes
1 kg of fresh peas
1 cup olive oil
1 cup chopped fennel
Ten fresh onions, finely chopped
One glass of concache tomatoes
One glass of tomato juice
1 tsp. tablespoons of sugar
Salt Pepper


Step 1: Clean the artichokes from the outer leaves and fluff. You dip them in cold water, where you will have dripped some lemon inside so they don't turn black.

Step 2: Clean the fresh peas and collect the seeds in a bowl.

Step 3: Pour the olive oil and green onions into a large pot. Sauté until they are glossy, without turning colour. Add the artichokes and mix well. Then you add the peas, bring it 2-3 times, and immediately add the tomato juice and the tomato concache. Add a little water, if needed, until the peas are covered.

Step 4: Add the sugar, season with salt and pepper and let the food cook for about 35-45 minutes, until the sauce thickens. One minute before the end of cooking, add the chopped fennel.

Step 5: Serve in deep dishes. I remind you that this food is eaten both hot and cold.

Photography: Giorgos Dracopoulos - Food styling: Elena Jeffrey

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