Opinion Poll: 20-point lead for New Democracy, losses for Syriza after the conference

Kyriakos Mitsotakis, Stefanos Kasselakis

80% of SYRIZA voters in the European elections say that the cancellation of the presidential election strengthened Stefanos Kasselakis, whilst Tsipras divides SYRIZA – 0.7 points gain in 10 days for the right-wing Hellenic Solution

The clear lead of the ruling New Democracy government, the continued decline of the left-wing SYRIZA and the rise of the Hellenic Solution, which appears with a double-digit percentage and marginally above the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) in the vote estimate for the European elections, was observed in the new Opinion Poll presented in the main broadcast of Action24.

Interestingly, while more than 75% of the public believes that SYRIZA was strengthened “a little or not at all” by its congress, voters who say they will vote for the party in the upcoming European elections appear divided, with 47% believing that the congress strengthened SYRIZA.

The same voters estimate at 80% that Mr Kasselakis was strengthened by the congress’ decision not to set up a new internal party ballot, but a very high percentage – 75.5% – that the phenomena of introversion will continue.

As far as Tsipras’ intervention is concerned, the public appears divided – 33.5% say he “helped” and 42% say he “did not help” with the former prime minister’s written statement shortly before the start of the congress in early February, calling for a repeat of the presidential election.

Opinion Poll released a poll for Action 24 and recorded a 0.6 point drop for SYRIZA in just ten days, in the aftermath of the congress that had the spotlight on the party for four days.

Marginal losses are recorded by the New Democracy and PASOK, which remains in second place with a 20-point difference from New Democracy, while the KKE also shows gains, although it marginally loses fourth place to the Hellenic Solution, which registers a 0.7-point increase in 10 days.

The New Left is recorded at 3.3%, showing it can claim a seat in the European Parliament.

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