Silia Kapsis’ 2024 Eurovision song ‘Liar’ released

Cyprus Eurovision Contestant

Silia Kapsis’ song for Cyprus at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest has finally dropped amid glowing initial reviews from Eurovision pundits globally.

Silia Kapsis’ 2024 Eurovision song ‘Liar’ released

Written by famed Greek songwriter Dimitris Kontopoulos, the song entitled ‘Liar’ has been praised for its energy and choreography and has already been labelled a ‘banger’ by keen Eurovision watchers.

Speaking to the Ouzo Talk Podcast this week, Kapsis revealed that her journey to the contest has taken almost her full 17 years, having grown up watching Eurovision with her family as a child and impersonating each artist as they tried their luck on the world stage.

Now, Sydney-born Kapsis will do it for real with a much larger audience when she represents Cyprus in Sweden, with the support of Greeks and Australians as well.

“You know the Greeks and the Cypriots - they’re all about that stuff, and so every year we’d actually watch Eurovision, especially when I was very young – my favourite year was Eleni Foureira,” admits Kapsis.

“What I used to do when I was younger was stand next to the TV and next to the artists and pretend I was the artist and start copying their movements and their singing and everything,” laughs Kapsis. 

“I actually have videos of it so it’s crazy how I’m actually doing it!”

Liar represents the eighth country that Kontopoulos has composed a Eurovision song for, and for Kapsis, the song was the right choice.

“There were three songs that we were all thinking about doing, and then I said that I liked this song, Liar,” says Kapsis.

“Everyone else agreed, so we were like, ‘let’s do this’! It’s so poppy, it’s so danced, and I’m just excited to perform it at Eurovision.”

Vasiliki Silia Kapsis (5 December 2006) was born in Sydney, Australia, and is a Cypriot-Greek-Australian singer, dancer, and actress

Despite being just 17, Kapsis has already achieved plenty. She was the lead singer for the Australian Youth Performing Arts Company (AYPAC) and even performed at Alex Russell's 30th birthday event in Los Angeles. In 2022, she would go on to release her first song, "Who Am I?" which she wrote and composed at the age of 12.

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