Tyler Macbeth and Stefanos Kasselakis: Considering Marriage and Commitment to Greece


Tyler Macbeth, the partner of SYRIZA's president, Stefanos Kasselakis, gave an interview to STAR's central news bulletin.

Regarding the prospect of her marriage to Stefanos Kasselakis this summer, Tyler Macbeth's response is: “Yes! We are considering it. We will have the ceremony here in Greece during the summer."

"We are currently searching for a house; we intend to reside in Greece for many years."

Addressing the rumours about their recent purchase of a house in Kolonaki, the partner of the SYRIZA president initially declined to comment on the rumours but later added: “Our aim is to establish a permanent residence here in Greece in the long term. When we were presented with this opportunity, our intention was to live here for over ten years, at least."

In response to the Star journalist's question, "What are your thoughts on the bill on the marriage of same-sex couples, which was recently "passed" by the Greek Parliament?" and if he is considering the possibility of getting married in Greece with Stefanos Kasselakis, Mr Macbeth answered:   

"It is an excellent step in the right direction for Greece. Of course, there is still ground to be covered. For example, the bill was not extremely inclusive on transgender rights." But he added that "in terms of progress, in the sense of equality", this is an excellent opportunity. 

Regarding whether he intends to pursue business opportunities in Greece, the partner of the SYRIZA president replied: "Yes, I am exploring potential business ventures in Greece. However, I am currently engaged in launching a business in the US. It is an online platform offering medical services. Initially, it will operate in the US, but there are plans for global expansion."

He also disclosed his desire to engage in voluntary work in Greek hospitals: "Simultaneously, I hope to volunteer in Greek hospitals. I have been in contact with some organizations and am eager to contribute my services for voluntary and non-profit purposes in Greece."

"SYRIZA will achieve electoral success."

Finally, when asked about potential negative outcomes for SYRIZA in the upcoming European elections and his advice to Stefanos Kasselakis, Tyler Macbeth responded:

"I believe that SYRIZA will perform well in the upcoming elections. The only reason such discussions arise is due to previous scenarios. However, I anticipate a more positive outcome for the party following recent developments and changes over the weekend. A more focused and logical approach to the party's structure will exist.

I am confident that SYRIZA will demonstrate positive progress and electoral success leading up to the elections. My advice to Stefanos would be to remain true to himself. He assumed this role because of his authenticity."

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