Nearly 1 Million Granted EU Citizenship in 2022


In line with a broader European trend, Greece witnessed a rise in the number of individuals granted citizenship in 2022, compared with the previous year.

According to data released by Eurostat, nearly 13,000 individuals acquired Greek citizenship last year, contributing to the overall increase of 20% in new citizenships granted across the European Union compared to 2021.

While Italy, Spain, and Germany granted the highest number of citizenships in absolute terms, Greece's figures reflect a significant upward trend within the country itself.

The increase in Greece aligns with the growing naturalisation rate observed in the EU, which refers to the proportion of non-nationals who acquire citizenship in a country they reside in. Romania led the EU with the highest naturalisation rate in 2022, followed by Sweden and the Netherlands.

Moroccans, Syrians, and Albanians remained the top 3 recipients

While Greece falls behind these countries in terms of naturalisation rate, it experienced a positive shift compared to previous years. This development suggests a growing openness towards integrating non-nationals into Greek society.

It remains to be seen whether this trend will continue in the coming years, but the data indicates a clear movement towards a more diverse and inclusive Greek citizenry.

(Source: Eurostat)

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