Nikos Kalogerias: The Greek of Switch Disco is conquering London and Ibiza

Nikos Kalogerias

Up against Dua Lipa, Raye and Ed Sheeran at Brit Awards for 'Song of the Year'

A Greek was among the famous artists vying for an award on Saturday night at the glittering Brit Awards ceremony at London's O2 Arena. He was even nominated in the main category, "Song of the Year", along with the night's big winner, Raye, but also Dua Lipa, Ed Sheeran and other first-line names.

Nikos Kalogeria, the music producer, DJ and the other half of the popular Switch Disco duo, have conquered the charts and especially social media with their tracks, such as "React", which within a year had 153 million streams worldwide!

Their dynamic presence may not have won the award in the end, but among the cream of the British music scene, their back-to-back hits and their ever-growing global audience make them a new, dynamic musical phenomenon with big and ambitious plans for the future.

Nikos Kalogerias was born and raised in Laganas, Zakynthos. His father was a musician, so his love for this art seemed somewhat preordained. He was just 13 years old when he first took to the decks to play music. And since then, it never went down.

Nikos Kalogerias

A few years later, he met Dan Creasy, also a DJ, in a club in Zakynthos. Their common musical tastes and creative and spontaneous communication bring them very close, leading them to decide to create a DJ duo, to which they gave the name Switch Disco.

In 2011, Nikos Kalogerias settled permanently in London, the centre of the international dance scene, to pursue his dreams. Together with Dan, they will play in big clubs, rousing the crowds and recording their own tracks in the studio.


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But the impasse of the coronavirus quarantine ultimately led them to the path of universal success. No longer able to play their music live, they turned to social media,.. where, within a short period of time, they built a large and loyal following.

In 2021, while they had already signed their first record deal, they released 'Everything', based on Donna Lewis' track 'I Love You Always Forever', which was even heard in the first episode of the seventh season of the popular TV series 'Love Island'.

This single was enough to increase their popularity on Spotify by 185%.

Switch Disco

Two years later, in 2023, they will record and release 'React', a highly successful dance version of Italian Robert Miles' famous orchestral 'Children', in collaboration with the British performer and songwriter Ella Henderson.

The track would go platinum, becoming the second best-selling dance song of 2023 in the UK, reaching number four in the UK charts and spending ten weeks in the Top 10 and 19 weeks in the Top 40.

Music platforms and social media, for a whole year, have been playing it non-stop - on TikTok alone, they have 1 million followers -confirming its global success.

Nikos Kalogerias

With this huge momentum now at their disposal, Switch Disco is pressing ahead with the production of new tracks, such as the recent 'Sleep Tonight' with R3hab and Sam Feldt, and are making plans for the summer, which include appearances at the legendary Ibiza Rocks and top London venues such as the Drumsheds.

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