Athens to Thessaloniki in 4 hours and 35 minutes with the Volkswagen ID.7

Volkswagen ID.7

Kosmocar and Volkswagen, in collaboration with Driving Academy, tested the new Volkswagen ID.7 by driving from Athens to Thessaloniki.

To cover the long distance, the VW ID.7 made only one 10-minute charging stop, starting from Nea Erythraia and arriving in Thessaloniki.

The Volkswagen ID.7 Pro, with a battery capacity of 77 kWh, three passengers, and a small boot, started the trip fully charged in rainy weather and a temperature of 4°C.

ID.7 's Route Planner, with the 4.0 operating system, proved to be excellent for displaying chargers of all providers in Greece, especially their availability in real time. By selecting the destination in the navigator, the car calculates the consumption and remaining battery when it gets there and suggests the appropriate charging stops, so everything is based on the initial specifications set by the driver.

Volkswagen ID.7ID.7 continuously calculates driving times and possible stops for charging, making the journey easy for any driver, even those with little experience with electric cars.

The maximum speed was 130 km/h, and Travel Assist was chosen throughout the journey. This system contributes to a comfortable and safe journey by keeping the car firmly in the middle of the lane, helping to change to another lane, and maintaining distance from the cars in front.

The first 100 kilometres of the route were difficult, with heavy rain and quite cold. The heating was set to 23°C, and the heated seats and massage function were used.

Volkswagen ID.7

With a single stop at the 300 kW charging station in Larissa, the ID. 7, with a remaining battery of 13% and a range of 52 km, was charged for only 10 minutes. The battery reached 51%, which is enough energy for the rest of the journey until Thessaloniki.

The cost of charging was 16.06 euros.

The road surface was dry during the rest of the journey, and the temperature was 10°C. Upon arrival in Thessaloniki, the remaining battery was 18%.

The total consumption for the 458 km journey (New Erythraia – Malgaron toll) was 19.6 kWh/100km, and the total travel time from Afidna toll to Malgaron, including the charging stop, was 4 hours and 35 minutes.

Volkswagen ID.7

The cost of energy for this particular trip, charging the ID.7 Pro battery from 0% to 100% with household current, taking into account charging losses and with an average kilowatt-hour price of 0.2 euros, amounted to 17.29 euros for the initial charge.

Adding to this figure was the cost of charging on the way in a 300 kW charger (€0.52/kWh), which was 16.06 euros. Thus, the total energy cost for the Athens to Thessaloniki trip was only 33.35 euros.

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