Two Romanians in Prison for Assaulting 15-Year-Old Girl in Crete

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Following an investigation into indecent assault and sexual acts against a 15-year-old Bulgarian girl residing with her mother in Rethymno, two Romanian nationals have been imprisoned. The decision was made late yesterday evening by the investigator and prosecutor handling the case.

The initial arrests occurred last week, when the 15-year-old girl was at the city hospital accompanied by her mother, where she gave birth to a baby girl. The doctors immediately informed the authorities due to the very young age of the girl and because no father was declared.

The incarcerated individuals include a 44-year-old man who admitted to engaging in sexual intercourse with the minor, alleging her consent. Additionally, a 56-year-old stepfather of the minor stands accused of involvement in the offenses but denies any wrongdoing. Both Romanians join another compatriot, already in custody, in connection with the case.

(Source: Amna)

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