EU Sues Greece Over Failure to Update Flood Risk Plans


The European Commission announced on Wednesday that it is initiating legal action against Greece for its failure to revise its flood risk management plans, a critical aspect of preparing for floods within EU member states.

This move follows severe flooding in Greece's Thessaly plain, triggered by heavy rains five months ago. The catastrophic floods caused extensive damage to crops and livestock, prompting concerns about Greece's capacity to address the challenges posed by increasingly unpredictable weather patterns.

According to EU regulations, member states are required to update their flood management plans every six years, implementing measures to mitigate risks to human life, the environment, and economic activities.

Despite being formally notified by the Commission last year to finalize its management plans, Greece has yet to review, adopt, or report on its flood risk management strategies, the Commission stated in a press release.

"The Commission considers that efforts by the Greek authorities have, to date, been insufficient and is therefore referring Greece to the Court of Justice of the European Union," the statement read.

At the time of reporting, the Greek Environment Ministry had not responded to a request from Reuters for comment on the matter.

This action by the European Commission follows similar legal proceedings against Bulgaria, Cyprus, Spain, Ireland, Malta, Portugal, and Slovakia last month, all of which were accused of failing to fulfill their reporting obligations in relation to flood risk management.


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