Greek TikTok Star Tzane Dies While on Holiday


Greek TikTok star Tzane has died in a tragic accident after falling from a balcony without railings in Italy. The news was confirmed by fellow TikToker Christos Koyas, who was travelling with Tzane at the time.

Tzane, known for his fitness content and humour, was on a trip with Koyas and other creators like "Dream Greek" in the village of Roghudi Vecchio. According to reports, the fall occurred on their vacation.


Koyas posted a heartfelt message on his story: "Unfortunately, Tzane is no longer with us. He left us yesterday afternoon on our trip to Italy. Pray with us for his little soul to rest in peace."

Alexandros Kopsialis, another influencer, felt the need to clarify Koyas' initial post due to its potentially insensitive tone: "This is not a troll or some kind of prank. Koyas probably, in his confusion, has captured it in such a way that it looks like a joke, but unfortunately it's not a joke!"

Tzane was a rising star on Greek TikTok, known for his fitness content and engaging personality. He had recently started a business venture with "Dream Greek."

The news has sent shockwaves through the Greek social media community.

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