Greek-American relations at their highest level ever, Tsunis says when asked about Mitsotakis' upcoming visit to the US

GREECE TALKS_Thessaloniki

The US Ambassador to Greece, George Tsunis, assesses that Greece-US relations have never existed at a higher level than they are today. This statement was made by the American diplomat who participated in the conference “ Greece Talks Thessaloniki: Thessalonica on the Tourist Map” organized by in cooperation with at the Megaro Mousikis.

Responding to a question about Greek PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis's imminent visit to the US, Tsunis stated that relations between the US and Greece have never been at a higher level than they are today. He emphasized that the US Secretary of State was at the PM's residence in Chania in early January and commented that in his 30-year diplomatic career, he has never seen a relationship at such a high level.

Tsunis mentioned that Mitsotakis addressed a joint session of the United States Congress, a rare occurrence that “ we measure in decades, not in how many times it happens each year”.

This, he explained, is because Greece is an essential ally with whom the US shares common democratic values and principles and acts jointly on issues of concern. "The president loves Greece and loves the Greeks. And I am proud to be the US ambassador to Greece. But it's also much easier because relations are at such a high level," the ambassador concluded.

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