Human Trafficking Case Brought Against Father and Son in Greece

girl assaulted

The Veria Security Department has launched a case against two individuals for alleged human trafficking through conspiracy, following reports of forced labour involving two foreign nationals.

According to official documents, the suspects, a father and son duo, stand accused of coercing the two foreigners into agricultural labour against their will, while withholding their travel documents. The victims came forward to authorities, detailing a harrowing ordeal allegedly endured from the summer of 2023 until early March 2024.

The victims reported being subjected to threats of violence and deprivation of their travel documents by the father and son, who purportedly forced them to work on a farm without compensation. Furthermore, the living conditions provided by the suspects were said to be substandard.

The criminal case, now underway, will be presented to the Prosecutor's Office of Veria. Meanwhile, the victims have been offered necessary protection and assistance as the investigation progresses.

(Source: Amna)


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