Greek and Turkish Artists Team Up to Produce 'Romeo & Juliet'

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A unique theatrical collaboration between Turkish and Greek artists is set to breathe new life into William Shakespeare's timeless love story, 'Romeo and Juliet'.

The joint production by the General Directorate of Turkish State Theaters (DT) and the Municipal Theater Of Piraeus of Greece will premiere on April 19th in Ankara before travelling to Greece.

This reimagining features a twist: the Capulet family will speak Greek and be Greek, while the Montagues will be Turkish and speak Turkish. Director Lefteris Yovanidis explains, "We wanted a fresh perspective. There's a leader who speaks English and maintains order, but the story is built on the differences and commonalities between these two peoples."

The project resonates deeply with the cast. Turkish actor Eray Eserol says, "This isn't just about families, it's about countries overcoming perceived enmity. Art can show the desire for friendship and peace." Kalliopi Haska, the Greek actress portraying Juliet, describes the experience as "a great gift." "We've formed a beautiful friendship," she says, "and that transcends nationality." Turkish actor Şevki Çapa echoes this sentiment, highlighting the "warm relationship" formed between the cast from the very beginning.

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The play will be performed in Turkish, Greek, and English, with subtitles provided for the audience. Veteran Greek actor Rula Pateraki finds the trilingual approach particularly refreshing. "This performance will be a beautiful example of friendship between people," she states. Actor Efe Akercan emphasises the power of emotions that transcends language barriers. "You don't need the same language to understand love or loss," he says.

This innovative 'Romeo and Juliet' promises to be a powerful exploration of love, conflict, and the enduring human desire for connection. The play kicks off its tour in Ankara before traveling to Istanbul, Izmir, and eventually Greece.

(Source: Daily Sabah)

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