Hitting the Beach Greek Style in 2024: Sun, Sand, and New Rules!

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Planning a beach escape to Greece in 2024? Get ready for some changes! The Greek government has implemented new regulations to tackle overcrowding and ensure everyone enjoys the stunning coastline. Here's what you need to know:

More Space for Everyone: Sunlounger Shakeup

Gone are the days of beach towel battles for prime sunbathing spots. To combat overcrowding, 70% of all beaches must now remain free of sun loungers. This percentage climbs to a whopping 85% in protected areas. In ecologically sensitive zones designated as "untouchable beaches," sun loungers are completely banned.

Finding Your Spot: New Minimum Distances

Relaxing by the water's edge just got easier. Beachfront businesses renting sun loungers must maintain a minimum distance of four meters between the shoreline and their setups. This ensures ample space for beachgoers who prefer to lay their own towels.

Fair Play on the Beach: Online Auctions for Sunloungers

Beachfront businesses won't be able to claim prime real estate for sun loungers anymore. They'll need to participate in online auctions to secure designated areas. This ensures a fairer distribution of space and prevents any one business from dominating a beach.

Keeping an Eye on Things: Drones for Enforcement

The Greek government is serious about enforcing these new rules. Drones will be patrolling beaches to ensure compliance. So, pack your sunscreen and beach umbrella, but leave the inflatable flamingoes at home – at least in designated areas!

Beyond the Beach: New Climate Resilience Levy

Travellers planning a Greek getaway between March and October will encounter a new charge: the climate resilience levy. This initiative aims to combat the effects of extreme weather events like wildfires and floods that impacted the country in recent years. The levy ranges from €1 to €4 per night depending on your accommodation and will contribute towards the restoration of climate-damaged infrastructure.

Embrace the Change: A More Enjoyable Greek Getaway

These new regulations might seem like an adjustment, but they ultimately aim to create a more pleasant beach experience for everyone. So, pack your swimsuit, embrace the sunshine, and enjoy the beautiful Greek coastline responsibly!

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