Seven Arrested in Greece for Smuggling Pesticides from Turkey


Authorities have apprehended seven individuals involved in importing and smuggling quantities of illicit pesticides into Greece. The arrests came following coordinated efforts by the Public Security Team of the Security Department of Kilkis.

Among those detained are five Greek nationals and two foreign individuals, against whom charges have been brought for forming a criminal gang and engaging in smuggling activities. According to police investigations, the suspects had established a criminal network with the aim of illegally importing smuggled agricultural pesticides into the country for further distribution, profiting unlawfully from these illicit transactions.

In a meticulously planned police operation conducted on March 23, 2024, in a rural area of Imathia, authorities intercepted the suspects in the act of unloading smuggled pesticides from a truck. The two foreign nationals were aboard the truck, while four Greek nationals were found in two private vehicles also involved in the operation. They were promptly arrested.

The fifth Greek suspect attempted to evade capture by fleeing in a private car upon spotting the police officers. However, law enforcement swiftly located and apprehended him.

During the subsequent search of the truck, authorities discovered and seized 680 packages and 318 containers of illicit pesticides. Additionally, 98 packages of smuggled pesticides were confiscated from the two private vehicles. In total, 778 kilograms and 306 litres of illicit pesticides were seized.

These smuggled pesticides lacked the requisite Greek labelling and instructions for use, as well as product approval numbers and marketing authorisations. Moreover, no legal taxes or duties had been paid for the seized items, indicating their illicit nature.

(Source: Amna)

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