Athens Ranked Worst City in Europe for Remote Work


A recent study has unveiled the best and worst cities in Europe to capitalise on a 'work from anywhere policy' in 2024.

Luxembourg City, one of Europe's smallest capitals, emerges as the top choice on the list of the top 10 cities.

Conversely, Athens, the Greek capital, despite its popularity among tourists, finds itself at the bottom of the list as the least conducive city for remote working. Other cities deemed 'undesirable' include Paris and Limassol, where the monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment reaches 1,563.92 Euro (AUD $2,580.01).

The ranking, conducted by Brother UK, scrutinised various factors such as Wi-Fi speed, apartment costs inclusive of utilities, safety levels, and the general cost of living. Using a weighted ranking system, each location received an overall remote worker score out of 100.

Luxembourg City claims the top spot with a score of 68.04, followed closely by Olomouc in the Czech Republic (64.27) as the runner-up, and Rotterdam, Netherlands, coming in third with a score of 63.88.

In stark contrast, Athens ranks as the least favourable city for remote workers, scoring a dismal 50.34. It is closely trailed by Thessaloniki, Greece's second-largest city (50.87).

Also included in this list is Patras, Greece (52.33), ranked fourth after Belgrade.

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Despite Athens' historical and cultural significance, it falls short as the worst European city for remote workers, with a safety index score of 53, 20% lower than Luxembourg.

(Source: Brother UK)

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