Nick Politis and James Packer Reportedly End 10-Year Feud

Nick Politis

Billionaire Roosters chairman Nick Politis and casino mogul James Packer have reportedly put an end to their long-standing feud, which had lasted for over a decade.

The two powerhouses had a close friendship that abruptly ended, but recent reports suggest that they are quietly reconciling following a secret meeting in Las Vegas. The meeting, facilitated by mutual acquaintance Mark Bouris, took place during the NRL's season-opening blockbuster, with the trio sitting down for coffee at the Wynn Hotel

The rift between Politis and Packer originated in 2013 when Packer purchased a stake in the Roosters' biggest rival, the Rabbitohs. This move led Politis to cut off all communication with Packer, and tensions escalated further when Packer orchestrated a $3 million sponsorship deal between his Crown Resorts and South Sydney. Packer, previously a Roosters board member, switched his allegiance to the Rabbitohs due to his friendship with Hollywood star Russell Crowe, a co-owner of the club. Despite the controversy, Packer has always held an admiration for Politis, referring to him as a hero in past interviews.

James Packer
Nick Politis and James Packer Reportedly End 10-Year Feud 1

The feud between Politis and Packer was further fueled by Packer's highly publicized physical altercation with former Nine boss David Gyngell. The incident catapulted their strained relationship into the spotlight, adding another layer of complexity to their ongoing dispute.

However, the recent meeting between Politis and Packer signifies a potential turning point in their relationship. While their bond still requires time to fully heal, this secret rendezvous suggests progress towards reconciliation. It remains to be seen how this newfound truce will impact both the Roosters and the Rabbitohs, as well as the broader business and entertainment world where both individuals hold significant influence.

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