Island hopping in Syvota: A spring ode to the sea

Bella Vraka Beach, Syvota

An adventurous journey in coastal Epirus to explore four tiny, green, beautiful islands.

Syvota is one of the Ionian Sea's most charming and enviable gems.

Made for excursions and getaways, short or long, the picturesque fishing village that has been transformed in recent years into a cosmopolitan destination captures your heart as it embraces you with its beauty.


Spring also lends itself to milder weather, which will allow you to explore the landscape and the destinations in a much greater depth than with the crowded summer.

It is worth going beyond Syvota itself and experiencing a real adventure on the small islands that caress the blue-green shores of the mainland: Agios Nikolaos, Mourtos (or Mavro Oros), Megalo Mourtemeno and Mikro Mourtemeno.

Crystal waters embrace these islands and have small, special swimming spots.


Here, of course, you arrive from Syvota, either by the most adventurous and archaic way, swimming, or by the boats that depart from the port of Syvota in the early morning hours.

If you have the time and stamina, we recommend the first option. This is because you will be able to see treasures, such as Diapori beach in Agios Nikolaos or Pisina in Mourtos, and of course Petalo or the famous Bela Vraka in Megalo Mourtemeno.

It is also worth exploring the unspoilt Mikro Mourtemeno.


Of course, your tour of the islets does not end with swimming since the chapel of Agios Nikolaos is worth a visit, as is the Papanikoli Cave, the largest cave in the area. It is worth noting that this particular cave has a fairly large, clean area with light blue water near the entrance. Inside, there is also a part full of dark rocks with small algae.

Your return to Syvota - since the uninhabited islands do not have catering and hospitality infrastructure - requires you to rest, enjoy the delicious meals in the local taverns and plan the rest of your excursions to every beauty of Epirus.


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