LGBTQ Pride Flags to be Banned at US Embassies


In a bipartisan effort to avert a government shutdown, a provision has emerged that has effectively banned the flying of LGBTQ Pride flags at US embassies.

While the comprehensive $1.2 trillion spending bill, spanning over 1,012 pages, doesn't explicitly state the prohibition of Pride flags, it aligns with a Republican-led initiative aiming to curb the display of LGBTQ Pride symbols at government facilities.

The text specifies that funds appropriated by the Act cannot be used to fly any flag, aside from designated exceptions like the US flag, the POW/MIA flag, and others. Notably absent from the approved flags is the LGBTQ Pride flag.

The Biden administration, emphasising the necessity of passing the spending bill to maintain government operations, described it as a compromise between Republicans and Democrats. However, the inclusion of the provision targeting LGBTQI+ Americans has drawn criticism from the administration. A White House spokesperson expressed President Biden's disapproval, citing the inappropriate use of the legislative process to advance such policies.

Democratic Representative Greg Casar of Texas condemned the provision, labelling it as "laughable" and highlighting the absurdity of threatening government services over flag displays. Meanwhile, House Speaker Mike Johnson reportedly celebrated the provision's inclusion as a victory during a closed-door meeting with fellow Republican lawmakers.

As the spending bill moves forward, the debate surrounding the contentious provision underscores broader tensions between parties on issues of LGBTQ rights and government policy.

(Source: NBC News)

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