Gang of Youths Arrested After Athens Burglary Spree


A burglary spree across Athens and Northeast Attica has culminated in the apprehension of five individuals, aged between 15 and 18, suspected of orchestrating a series of robberies and shoplifting escapades.

The concerted efforts of the Amarousi Security Department led to the dismantling of the gang, whose brazen activities had terrorised local businesses since January of this year.

Following intensive police operations, officers managed to arrest five suspects, filing charges against them for forming a criminal syndicate and perpetrating a string of thefts and robberies. The charges specifically address their systematic approach to crime, marked by habitual and professional patterns of behaviour.

One notable modus operandi of the gang involved executing multiple thefts within a short timeframe, with reports indicating a staggering 11 shop burglaries occurring within the span of just two hours. The gang members reportedly also flaunted their stolen items on social media platforms.

Investigations into the gang's activities have unearthed a total of six robberies and 25 instances of burglary-theft, shedding light on the extent of their criminal enterprise. Moreover, one of the apprehended suspects has a history of recurrent involvement in similar offences.

Delving into the gang's operational tactics, authorities revealed a methodical approach to targeting shops in the early hours of the morning. Using various implements or sheer force, the perpetrators gained entry by breaching doors or windows. Once inside, they plundered cash registers, electronic devices, and safes, resorting to forceful means when necessary.

The arrestees, known to intimidate store employees with threats of violence, were transported to the Athens District Attorney's office to face justice for their alleged crimes.



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