Thessaloniki Couple Arrested After Taking their Children to a Drug Deal


A couple in Thessaloniki has been arrested and face charges of endangering their children following a drug-related altercation. Police apprehended the pair after they were allegedly held hostage by the dealer.

The distressing incident transpired on Monday evening in the suburb of Dendropotamos. The couple, a 32-year-old man and a 40-year-old woman, ventured to purchase drugs from a 52-year-old man residing in a Roma camp within the area, notorious for its high crime rate. Shockingly, they brought their children along in their car.

Reports suggest that during the transaction, the 32-year-old stole two bags of heroin from the dealer's residence. As they fled the scene, the dealer and his three sons pursued them. Intercepting the family near the KTEL intercity bus station, the dealer coerced them back to his home. There, he and his sons detained them for approximately an hour, subjecting the father to physical assault while sparing the woman and their children from harm.

Greek police promptly arrested all adults involved, while the children received medical attention at a Thessaloniki hospital, where doctors confirmed their physical safety. It remains uncertain whether authorities will intervene regarding the children's custody status.

(Source: Ekathimerini)


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