Ex-Greece Super League Manager Faces Boycott After Racist Comments


German Burgos, ex-Greece Super League manager and former assistant manager of Atletico Madrid, stirred controversy during a pre-match analysis on Movistar Plus, prompting players from Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) to boycott interviews.

Burgos, a former goalkeeper for Atletico, made a comment about Barcelona's Lamine Yamal while discussing footage of the player practicing before the Barcelona-PSG match. He remarked, "If it doesn't go well for him, he could end up at a traffic light," a statement perceived as racially insensitive by many.

lamine scaled

The comment quickly ignited condemnation online, with widespread labelling it as racist. In response, both Barcelona and PSG announced they would refuse to participate in post-match interviews with the channel until a public apology was issued.

Burgos publicly expressed regret, stating, "It was a comment made without the intention of hurting anyone. If anyone felt offended, I apologise publicly."

Presenter Ricardo Sierra acknowledged the clubs' stance, stating, "PSG and Barca have informed us they will not engage with us due to their deep displeasure with a comment made on our platform."

Despite the boycott, players and staff from both teams fulfilled their media obligations with other broadcasters covering the Champions League quarter-final.

Burgos, aged 54, previously worked alongside Diego Simeone at Atletico Madrid before venturing into coaching roles, including a stint in the Greece Super League.

(Source: Daily Mail UK)


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