Dino Radja: "I'd rather watch Olympiacos-Panathinaikos than some NBA game"


In a recent interview with the Spanish publication "Mundo Deportivo," former basketball star Dino Radja shared his enthusiasm for Euroleague matchups, emphasising his preference for games like Olympiacos versus Panathinaikos over NBA contests.

Radja, renowned for his career in both European and American basketball, expressed his admiration for the intensity and defensive prowess showcased in Euroleague clashes. He stated, "I'd rather watch an Olympiacos vs. Panathinaikos or a Barcelona vs. Real than an NBA game. These matches are more interesting, we see more defence. It seems to me that it is more serious to watch the Euroleague."

Critiquing the NBA's style of play, Radja noted the high scoring and perceived lack of defensive effort, likening some games to All-Star exhibitions rather than competitive championship encounters. He added, "In the NBA they don't play defence anymore, there are too many points, 150 point games for each team. It's more of an All-Star game and not so much a championship game. In the playoffs it's a bit better, but I prefer to watch the Euroleague."

Reflecting on the current Euroleague season, Radja highlighted teams such as Panathinaikos, Monaco, Fenerbahce, and Barcelona as formidable contenders. He acknowledged the evolving landscape of basketball, suggesting that teams like Real Madrid could rival the dominance of past powerhouses like Jugoplastica.

Regarding standout NBA players, Radja praised the basketball IQ of talents like Luka Doncic and Nikola Jokic, noting their strategic brilliance despite lacking the physical attributes often associated with American players.

Radja's comments underscore the enduring appeal of European basketball and the ongoing debate surrounding the contrasting styles of play between Euroleague and NBA competitions.

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