Greek Frigate in the Bosporus Stirs Controversy on Turkish Social Media

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A Greek frigate flying the Greek flag has caused a stir on Turkish social media, with some calling it a "provocation" and "cheap Greek propaganda."

The presence of the Greek warship in the Bosporus has sparked much discussion and commentary. The ship is currently in Istanbul as part of NATO's Standing NATO Maritime Group 2 (SNMG2) and is docked at the Sarayburnu port in Istanbul.

"Due to Turkish hospitality, the Greek frigate was given the side of the pier," said Cem Gürdeniz, known as the "father" of the Blue Homeland concept. However, he alleges that "the Greek captain of the ship turned this situation into an opportunity for propaganda and has raised the Greek flag at all points of the ship."

Reactions on Social Media

The presence of the Greek frigate has elicited a range of reactions on Turkish social media, with some expressing outrage and others calling for calm.

One user tweeted: "This is a clear provocation by Greece. They are trying to assert their dominance in the region."

Another user commented: "This is nothing but cheap Greek propaganda. They are trying to stir up trouble and create tension."

However, some users urged caution and restraint.

"We should not let this incident escalate into something bigger," said one user. "We need to remain calm and focus on resolving our differences through dialogue."

Official Response

Turkish officials have not yet commented on the incident. However, it is likely that the issue will be raised during upcoming diplomatic discussions between Greece and Turkey.

The presence of the Greek frigate in the Bosporus highlights the ongoing tensions between Greece and Turkey over maritime boundaries and other issues in the Aegean Sea and Eastern Mediterranean.


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