NASA Urged to Help Search for Loch Ness Monster


As the 90th anniversary of Sir Edward Mountain's expedition approaches, a new search for the elusive Loch Ness monster is set to begin from May 30 to June 2. In a bid to enhance the search efforts, the Loch Ness Centre has reached out to NASA for assistance.

The Centre has urged the space agency to lend its expertise to the fresh hunt for the legendary creature. Last year's extensive search of Loch Ness in the Highlands yielded promising results, with a hydrophone capturing loud underwater noises and several potential sightings.
Loch story

Since Sir Edward Mountain's pioneering expedition in 1934, dubbed the "Watchers of the Monster," over 1,156 sightings have been recorded on the official Loch Ness monster register.

Aimee Todd, representing the Loch Ness Centre, expressed optimism about garnering NASA's support, stating, "We are hoping that Nessie hunters around the world will help us reach the people at NASA. We are just hoping for their expert guidance to help with our ongoing quest to get answers."

She further explained, "We have gone to UK universities. We are hoping that experts from NASA might have some advanced imaging technology to scan the loch. We would have to sit down and talk to them about how to get it here." The collaboration aims to leverage NASA's advanced technology and expertise to aid in unravelling the mystery of Loch Ness.

(Source: Sky News)

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