Shocked Daughter Discovers Mother's "Olive Oil" Mishap


In a hilarious kitchen blunder that has taken social media by storm, TikTok user Kameron Jane revealed the amusing mistake her mother made while preparing dinner.

"My poor mom had a little mishap," Kameron began her TikTok video. "She cooked this delicious-looking Tuscan chicken, but we later realized something wasn't quite right."

As the video unfolded, viewers witnessed the inviting aroma of herbs and cheese wafting through the kitchen. Parmesan, cherry tomatoes, and a rich-looking sauce graced the counter. However, disaster struck when Kameron's mother realized her "pure Greek olive oil" was not oil at all.

To the amusement and horror of viewers, the bottle displayed on screen was labeled "Korres Pure Greek Olive Shower Gel" in Olive Blossom scent. "Mixing them up, who does that?" Kameron questioned in disbelief.

Despite the innocent mistake, Kameron's mother was understandably upset. "She had to leave the room because she's so mad," Kameron revealed.

After bravely tasting the lathered-up chicken, Kameron expressed disgust. "This tastes like straight-up soap." Ending the video, she inquired about her mother's well-being. "Mom, how are you feeling?"

In reply, her mother proclaimed, "I want to physically hurt someone and hit something really hard."

The viral TikTok quickly garnered over 14 million views and ignited a flurry of comments, ranging from sympathy to laughter. One user quipped, "This is why you always read the label, even if it says 'olive.'" Another empathetic commenter wrote, "Oh no, I feel so sorry for her. I can't imagine the disappointment."

Despite the unfortunate mishap, Kameron and her mother have managed to find the humor in the situation. Sharing her experience on social media has brought laughter and a reminder to all to double-check their groceries before cooking.

“She just had to leave the room because she’s so angry,” Kameron Jane says before trying — and spitting out — the lathered-up poultry. “This chicken tastes like straight-up soap.”

At the end of the video, the TikToker asks her mom how she's feeling. “I want to physically hurt someone and hit something really hard,” her mom says.

The TikTok went viral with more than 14.1 million views, and this soapy situation apparently struck a nerve in the comments with more than 21,000 folks weighing in.

“The way i would have to go on a long silent stroll,” one TikTok user wrote.

“That Tuscan chicken looked phenomenal too. The rage would consume me,” wrote another, while someone else added, “I’m surprised it didn’t start forming bubbles 😂. Looks so good.”

“This would cause me to enter my unreasonable online reviews era,” reads another comment.

The official account of third-party delivery service DoorDash decided to join in and poke a little fun at the situation. “Mom likes to eat clean,” the comment reads.

Several commenters noted that the package does look like a regular bottle of olive oil at first glance, with one writing, “Who packages soap like that?! It straight up looks like olive oil With that in mind, we reached out to skincare company Korres.

“We truly felt this mother’s pain when she realized something had gone wrong in a dish she worked hard to prepare — we’ve all been there!” a Korres representative tells “Once we were alerted of the issue, we introduced her family to our brand properly and made sure her shower (not her kitchen!) was fully stocked.”

Korres also says it has alerted its packaging design team of the mishap and has checked in with all its retailer partners to ensure the product is correctly categorized.

As for Kameron Jane and her mom, all is well. Not only did they receive a suite of products to use in the bath from Korres, they also got a care package filled with edible oil, olives and vinegar from olive oil company Bristol Trading Company.

“Now I can make the recipe with real oil and not shower gel,” the home cook says with a smile.

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