US Blocks Full UN Membership to Palestine

UN Palestine

The United States has utilised its veto power to block a UN Security Council resolution aimed at granting full UN membership to Palestine, according to a report by TASS.

Despite support from 12 countries, including Russia and China, the resolution was thwarted by the US. Two nations, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, chose to abstain from the vote, leaving the US as the sole dissenting voice.

The recent push for Palestine's UN membership gained momentum when Malta, currently holding the UN Security Council presidency, accepted Palestine's request to resume its membership process. Alongside this request were letters of endorsement from various international bodies, including the Arab Nations group, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, and the Non-Aligned Movement. Additionally, Palestine submitted a list of 140 countries that have recognized it as a sovereign nation.

Palestine initially sought full UN membership in 2011 but opted to maintain its status as a permanent observer. According to Palestinian representative Mansour, this decision was strategic, aiming to garner support from hesitant nations and demonstrate Palestine's readiness for full membership. As a permanent observer, Palestine enjoys attendance privileges at UN events and access to most documents but lacks voting rights. Currently, the only other entity holding permanent observer status is the Holy See (Vatican).

UN membership requires approval from the General Assembly, following a recommendation from the Security Council. The proposal must secure votes from nine out of the Security Council's 15 members, provided none of the five permanent members exercise their veto power. Subsequently, the matter proceeds to the General Assembly, where approval requires support from at least two-thirds of member states.

(Source: TASS)

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